Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on Cosmic Intelligence

Squaw Valley,  1968
Question:       The Cosmic Intelligence is perfect and starts making a perfect universe. But after some time he sees that it is not working right and everything  is running down. And then he says  "OK, I'll send Krishna and I'll fix it up".
But the thing is that he keeps having to do this again and again.  And I see him cycle after cycle scratching his head and wondering what went wrong. "I am perfect, how could I make a mistake. Yet there is something wrong here, because I keep having to fix it".
Why could the Cosmic Intelligence not just set things up that everything runs smoothly and we just all be up with evolution and there would be no need for Krishna to come?

MAHARISHI:    I think Cosmic Intelligence lacked one intelligence - it should not have made a creation (laughter), because creation means many things. Many things means some less and some more and some more and some most.
To create variety the Cosmic Intelligence could not but create more evolved lives. And when it created more evolved lives... more evolved means ability of greater knowledge, ability of greater power, ability of greater freedom - this one thing is worrying you, "freedom".
In the process of manifestation of life, some is very low, some is high, some is not free at all, completely bound. And a level of creation is there which is free to act.
Now, Cosmic Intelligence has filled absolute bliss and made it omnipresent in and out of everything. But because it had to create - for the sake of cosmic creation - it had to create strata of life where life could be absolutely free  "I can do what I like, really I can do what I like".
That thing, even so bliss is omnipresent in and out, but because I am free I may choose to live that bliss all the time or I may choose not to live it. I may choose to go ahead on the path of evolution or I may choose to go the other way.
This has been the difficulty of Cosmic Intelligence which it could not overcome with the desire of creating a universe. And Cosmic Intelligence could only work with a desire of creating big, huge variety, an entire cosmos. The man's species he had to create - he could have created differently - but he must have given to that nervous system freedom of action. It was inevitable, because least life and better life and better life, like that.
Relativity has to have grades. Because of this freedom, it is not Comic Intelligence that scratches his head (laughs). It is the man who had to find his way out. And then it is the Cosmic Intelligence, by virtue of being cosmic, that the entire setup of cosmic life is running automatically. The whole set is maintained in an upward channel - systematically always upward, upward, higher life, more evolved life.
But man forgets his ways of life, he forgets that there is Being inside. He just forgets this infinite energy and intelligence - for power he runs out, for knowledge he runs out, for happiness he runs out, for life he runs out.
This is the deplorable state of human intelligence that human intelligence brings upon itself. Aided by Cosmic Intelligence, human intelligence is cosmic. But when man doesn't tune himself with the Cosmic Intelligence, then he has to scratch his head "Now what to do and what to do".  And every day and ten times a day he had to scratch "What to do and what to do".
And the whole setup is so natural that when man had to scratch his head hundred times a day and all the men do like that, then the whole thing is shaken. Naturally someone comes and says "Come on, you are inside. Experience it and be it and accomplish what you want and you don't have to suffer and go ahead and meditate.(laughs)
The whole setup of Cosmic Intelligence is very, very automatic and nothing to be blamed only man has to be more fully developed. And this will be with the knowledge of his inner potentiality. That's all.
Once we have our five year plan for the youth of the world going and if we have created a pattern that every father will give a copy of the five year plan to his son on his thirteenth or fourteenth birthday...
In some way, if the children could start meditating and communicating to that Cosmic Intelligence within, to that Being,  at the age of 13,14,15, something like that, we will have all the people working in tune with Cosmic Intelligence and then Krishna would not be needed and nobody would be needed. The whole thing will go on automatically. In every home revivals will not be needed because extinction of knowledge will be missing...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Group Meditation & Flying

Group practice of Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques including Yogic Flying has entered its third month this October. This is being held every Sunday between 11Am and 1PM at Yoga Hall, Bhagini Samaj Bldg, Hindu Colony, Dadar (E). As of now we are a small group of long time practitioners of Transcendental meditation who are dedicated to promoting these techniques brought to light by our dear Maharishi Mahesh Yogi by the grace of the Vedic Tradition, the original custodians of this wisdom of integration of life. It also serves as a getaway and a get-together for us tired Mumbai souls to get recharged.

Anybody who has learnt Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques anywhere in the world is welcome to contact us and join us at the group practice.

                                                         More the Merrier!!