Friday, September 18, 2020

Maharishi on Support of Nature in our activities - Kumbha Mela, 1966

 We have only to be true to ourself 

Maharishi: We don’t have to use the almighty nature, it is there for spontaneous use. See the spontaneity of help from nature? We don’t have to request or do anything to get support of nature. Just an aspiration and that is the aspiration of the almighty nature and it is carried out quick. This is what they say ‘First deserve and then desire’. Once we deserve and we deserve by making full use of all the aspects of our life–mental, physical, spiritual, all aspects of life. And once we begin to make full use of our own individual existence, there is that unlimited power of nature to support us. ‘God helps those who help themself’. Helping themself means, you bring out all what you have inside. And if you are able to help yourself, if you are able to come out with what you are fully, then the power of nature is there to support. ‘God helps those who help themself’. It is only when we are true to ourself. You don’t have to be true to Mother Nature. We have only to be true to ourself. And be true to ourself means, when we speak, the speech should have full support of Being. Then we are true to ourself. Otherwise we have reserved Being, have kept Being out of speech. And then speech will be weak. Then we are not true to our speech. We are speaking baselessly. If our action, the field of action, is not supported by Being, then we have kept aside, kept in reserve, some precious part of our life and we are not exposing it to the outer gross. That means the whole outer field of action is baseless. That means we are not true to action, because we are not providing the very basis to the action. So we are not true while we are acting. Like that, if we are true to ourself means, all the different components of our life are in good harmony and are well disposed to every aspiration of ours, to every action of ours. Then we are truthful to ourself and in this state the entire force of almighty nature lies at hand to be used spontaneously. 

The beauty is that we don’t have to do anything to use it, no, we have only to stand on our feet [laughter]. And the feet of life is Being. So when our life stands on the feet, means stands on the basis of Being, then we are supported from all sides. And if can’t stand on our feet, then we have to be dependent on others all the time. To gain the support of almighty nature our every aspiration must be supported by all aspects of our existence. If we don’t gain the support of different aspects of our own individual life, how do we deserve the support of the almighty Nature? And even if one expects, the expectation will be futile, it never becomes to be fulfilled. See, the business man who does not put all his wealth in the market, how he can gain the profit of the whole market? Some millionaire, if he goes to the bank for ten thousand rupees–ten thousand, (this is) nothing, you have millions, a millionaire you are and you bring out your million and then we could give you another million or two million. But if you are reserving your million, asking for a few thousand, who will give you? No, once one is fully out... As long one has reserved in oneself–he should bring out the reserve, if he wants more and more effect. And if one is exhausted, fully brought out, all Being, supporting thought and action, and then there is nothing within the scope of the individual life that could be brought out more into the field of action. Then the force of almighty nature is there to support. If one has not brought out himself fully, then if he wants more support, fine, bring out from one’s own Self. And if one is not able to bring out from one’s own Self the reserve, then he is incapable of using whatever is given to him. What is the proof then that if the almighty nature begins to support, he will be able to use it? Incompetency of using one’s own reserves, brings proof to the almighty nature that no more he deserves to be given from our side. 

Question: The greater the investment does not necessarily mean the greater the profit 

Maharishi: At least greater stability in business, and that is all that is needed. And profit will be there in proportion to the investment. The profit is always in proportion to the investment. Less investment, less profit–more investment, more profit. And the banks are very willing to pay to a flourishing business man [laughter]. Unlimited (...) of the bank is open to those who flourish.  

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