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Questions on Cosmic Consciousness Bad Mergentheim 1964

Questions on Cosmic Consciousness Bad Mergentheim 1964 

Question: Could a man, having attained Cosmic Consciousness, lose this consciousness again? 
Maharishi: No, I’ll explain it later, but ‘no’ is the answer. 

Question: If a man in Cosmic Consciousness creates karma, then karma must be something which goes into the future also? 
Maharishi: A man has deposited something in the bank, and if he dies, not found, that property is inherited by the heir, as he is not found. So whosoever inherits, his successor inherits that property. Like that the karma that the man in Cosmic Consciousness does, whatever influence is produced, that influence is shared by all other people, not by him. Everyone else in the universe inherits that, shares that karma. He remains uninvolved. 

Question: But obviously it seems to be that also those who meditate for some time, are suffering? 
Maharishi: They must be suffering less than before. When we proceed towards the light, we are in a better light. Maybe we are not in a complete light, but we are better than before. 

Question: Could you say something more about that state, if someone dies in God Consciousness? 
Maharishi: One doesn’t die in God Consciousness, nor one dies in Cosmic Consciousness. That [death] doesn’t touch them. God Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness are the states of eternal life. That doesn’t touch them. 

Question: Does one need the grace of God to get to God Consciousness, or is it enough to use the technique to get from Cosmic Consciousness to God Consciousness? Maharishi: Technique is by the grace of God. 

Question: Is it an eternal life with all the time the same body, or is it an eternal life with interchanging bodies? 
Maharishi: Not interchanging bodies, certainly. Take it as I say it. Eternal life could be with this body, and eternal life will be cosmic life without the body, where the individuality will not be found. Otherwise it could be that the ageing process is stopped and one could eternally continue with this body. That is also possible. Both possibilities are there. Does it make sense? 

Question: Is it up to the will of the person to continue with the body? 
Maharishi: Not only will. But something more than the will could keep the body. Something more will be that technique which will stop the process of change in the physical level. 

Question: There was the answer whether the Cosmic Consciousness would be the result of the evolution or a natural state and you said: it could be both. Now, in which case could it be the one, and in which case could it be the other? 
Maharishi: By regular practice of meditation and taking it easy, in this life, in this body we could accomplish Cosmic Consciousness. And by not meditating, or by some times meditating and then taking another body and then again taking another body, we’ll come to that state of evolution after many lives. And by being regular, we could achieve it now, here. .no, no man in Cosmic Consciousness would be born. By birth no one would be in Cosmic Consciousness. To be in Cosmic Consciousness at the time of birth, he will have to be in Cosmic Consciousness at the time of death. And if he is in Cosmic Consciousness at the time of death, then he is not born. Therefore no one man can be born in Cosmic Consciousness. He may be 99%, and 1% has to be fulfilled in this life for which he has taken birth.  


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